Vergola features

Vergola is a fully adjustable louvre roofing system. It maximizes the use of your outdoor area by giving you control over your environment – control your sunlight, shade and ventilation to suit you.


Variable light and shade

Enjoy the variable light, full shade or diffused light by adjusting the position of the louvres. Control the amount of sunlight and shade for a perfect outdoor environment.


Rain Protection

When closed, your Vergola is completely rainproof (in general weather conditions).

In addition, state of the art rain sensors close the Vergola automatically upon rain, ensuring your outdoor area remains dry.  When the rain has ceased, the Vergola automatically re-opens.


Air Flow Control

The aerofoil louvre shape allows airflow and ventilation to be controlled in wet and dry weather.

Let in a cool breeze, or allow warm air to escape.


Energy Efficient

Vergola assists in reducing heating and cooling costs by shielding exterior walls and windows.  The superior double skinned louvres also provide both thermal insulation and sound reduction.


Electronic Operation

The keychain remote control allows you to open and close your Vergola at the touch of a button – from wherever you are.


Guaranteed Quality

Vergolas are produced with quality components, and are manufactured to resist cyclone force winds.  They are available in a diverse range of colours in BlueScope Colourbond steel, Aluminium or Zincalume.

Federal Residence

Vergola Video 1



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Vergola Video 2


Federal Residence

Australian Vintage TV spot 1990


Vergola specifications


Louvre Dimensions 

  • Weight:     10 -16.5kg/m2
  • Width:       205mm
  • Max.Span: 3.4m (Colourbond)
                      3.6m (Aluminium)
  • Rotation:    0-170 degrees


Vergola Material Options

  • Bluescope Colourbond Steel (diverse range of colours)
  • Aluminium (diverse range of colours)
  • Zincalume (silver / metallic)


Vergola Framework Options

  • Timber, Aluminium or Steel to match existing structures


Optional Vergola Extras

  • Self-timers
  • Down lighting
  • Extra Remote controls
  • Wind Sensors
  • Fire alarm compatibility


All Vergolas feature battery backup as a standard inclusion

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